About us

The Department of Political Sciences of the Democritus University of Thrace was established in 2009. In 2013 it merged with the Dept. of Social Administration in the context of the reconstruction of the academic units in Greece in a new Department entitled “Dept. of Social Administration and Political Science.

In 2019, by virtue of Art. 64 of Law No. 4610/2019 the above Department was split into 3 distinct University Departments, one of which is the Department of Political Science.

Therefore, relieved from all constraints that hindered its scientific development, the Dept. of Political Science was essentially re-established in order to fulfill the purpose of its initial foundation in 2009. This starting point enables it to develop the particular characteristics of the discipline of political science as it has developed internationally, as well as to cooperate with other disciplines on the basis of common features to promote teaching and research.

The Dept. of Political Science studies the phenomenon of power in all its dimensions:

  • historically, through a comparative analysis of the social structures form the antiquity up to the contemporary era

  • geographically, through the examination of the different political systems and power mechanisms

  • by analyzing the theoretical foundations of power through political theory and philosophy.

The curriculum places emphasis upon the stakeholders and the dynamics of  modern political systems, as it examines the broader spectrum of activities ranging from electoral behaviour, up to the class structures of social interests and from local politics to the international power distribution. The Dept. of Political Science aims at educating political scientists capable of coping with the complex demands of knowledge and elaboration of the political phenomena both at national and supranational levels and, at the same time, acquire a critical thought over the processes of function and change of power structures.

The Dept. of Political Science offers courses and research opportunities on the basic areas of political science, namely political philosophy and theory, comparative and European politics, political systems, international relations and international law.