Discover Course Number Μάθημα Teacher Search Day Hours ECTS Prerequisites
ΗΕ2.2019 ΗΕ2.2019 International Protection of Minorities, Migrants and Refugees 6
ΗΕ3.2020 ΗΕ3.2020 Political Ideologies 6
ΗΕ5.2019 ΗΕ5.2019 Political Communication 6
ΗΕ6.2019 ΗΕ6.2019 Internship II 3 Internship I
Η1.2019 Η1.2019 History of Social Policy 6
Η2.2019 Η2.2019 Political Statistics 6
ΣΤ4.2019 ΣΤ4.2019 Electoral Behaviour and Electoral Systems 6
ΕΕ1.2020 ΕΕ1.2020 Elements of Strategy 6
ΕΕ2.2020 ΕΕ2.2020 Modern Marxist Theory 6
ΕΕ3.2020 ΕΕ3.2020 Regional and Local Self-Administration and Governance 6
ΕΕ4.2020 ΕΕ4.2020 Elite Theories 6
ΕΕ5.2020 ΕΕ5.2020 Political Change and Democracy 6