Scientific Event entitled: “The Crisis in Ukraine”

The event entitled “The Crisis in Ukraine: Aspects of Inernational Law and International Relations” was held on Friday 18/3/2022 in the central Auditorium of the University. Participants included almost all staff members of the Democritus University of Thrace in the fields of Public International Law and International Relations.

The Event was organized by the Institute of Geopolitical Analyses (Dept. of Political Science) and the Research Institute of International Law and International Relations (Law School). It was attended by more than 200 students as well as staff members from different disciplines and 2 vice-rectors of the University. 

Initially Professor Antonopoulos (Law School) referred to the legal issues arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine while Dr. Tzogopoulos touched upon the wider geopolitical aspects and the role of China. Asst. Professor Papanastasopoulos (Dept. of Political Science) referred to the geopolitical dimensions of the issue and Asst. Professor Aroni (Dept. of Black Sea Studies) referred to issues of territory acquisition according to international law and specifically in the case of Ukraine. Finally, Assoc. Professor Grammatikas (Dept. of Political Science) referred to the EU reaction against Russia and the impact upon the European values.

The presentations were followed by an extensive Q+A session .

The event was also transmitted in  live streaming via the Youtube channel of the Institute for Geopolitical Analyses. The full content is available at

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