Discover Course Number Μάθημα Teacher Search Day Hours ECTS Prerequisites
Ζ1.2019 Ζ1.2019 Modern Political and Social Philosophy 6
ΖΕ2.2019 ΖΕ2.2019 Health Policy 6
ΖΕ3.2019 ΖΕ3.2019 Analysis of Foreign Policy 6
ΖΕ4.2019 ΖΕ4.2019 The Use of sociel networks and the internet in social research 6
ΖΕ5.2019 ΖΕ5.2019 International and Hellenic Correctional Policy 6
ΖΕ6.2019 ΖΕ6.2019 Political Philosophy of German Realism 6
ΖΕ7.2019 ΖΕ7.2019 Internship Ι 3
Ε4.2019 Ε4.2019 EU Policies 6
ΕΧ1.2020 ΕΧ1.2020 Historical Sociology 6
ΕΧ2.2020 ΕΧ2.2020 Social and Political Movements 6
ΕΧ3.2020 ΕΧ3.2020 European Political Systems 6
ΕΧ4.2020 ΕΧ4.2020 Natural Law and the State 6
ΕΧ5.2020 ΕΧ5.2020 Politics and Art 6