The Geopolitical Significance of the Port of Alexandroupolis

On Friday,  20/05/2022 at 10:00 at the central Auditorium of the University the Institute for Geopolitical Analyses of the Department of Political Studies organized, an event entitled “The Geopolitical and Strategic Dimension of Alexandroupolis”. The keynote speaker was the President of the Port Authority of Alexandroupolis Mr. C. Chatzimichail who analyzed the renewed geopolitical dimensions of the port of Alexandroupolis in the light of recent events (establishment of a US military base, transportation of military equipment to Romania) and the situation associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Profs. Grammatikas and Papanastasopoulos of the Department of Political Science analyzed the various geopolitical aspects through the focus of international law and international relations respectively.

After the conclusion of the presentations the speakers responded to questions relevant to the topics of the event.